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A lot of times shadows can be quite mysterious. They come in the shape if something familiar but in an entirely different form. And as in this picture, you can see that it is obviously a leaf casting this shadow. However, when I looked up into the trees I saw a multitude of leaves with no definitive idea as to which one was casting this shadow. At a time like this all one can do is smile at the beauty you have found and keep on walking.

The most interesting thing about an experience like this is you begin to notice something you have seen a million times. Looking around the forest I at once saw many shadows from the above leaves. It was even more beautiful than the singular shadow! What a revelation.

Sometimes the path in front of you is cast in a multitude of shadows. Again you may not even be sure what exactly is casting them. It looks ominous, unnerving. Bah! Its no big deal. You can just walk right down that path as if they weren't even there.

So remember, notice the shadows when they are beautiful. And just walk all over them like they weren't there when it looks like they are blocking your path.