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Lakes can be quite beautiful. At the same time they can be some of the most mysterious places in the world. Lying still and calm, they have seen thousands of years of life pass by their shores. They provide a habitat for life of all kinds. And in this way they have a crucial part in the circle of life. They have seen countless creatures of all kinds be born, live their lives, and perish. The lakes have known many of these creatures intimately, as they have sustained their very life in one way or another. Not just by virtue of their material well being, but by providing a location to meet, and to play. All the while continuing to be what they have always been. A reservoir containing a multitude of untold virtues.

Stare into a lake and you will see yourself staring right back up at you. Reflect on yourself for just a brief moment, complements of a lake. The lake puts your reflection into motion as if to say, 'You have someone great you have yet to be.'

In need of hope for the future? Lakes have been here in the past, they are here now, and they will be right here in the future. Just being what they are. Not interfering with other lives except to provide for and enrich them. Truly one of the best examples in the world of something that gives and does not not even for one second give a thought to receiving anything from others.

These ancient watchers are slow to move, change temperature, or get too stirred up in the first place. When you return to them, however many years later, they will still be what you remember them as. And they will still hold all of your memories that were created in their presence.