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Wisdom from the Dead Sea


Out in the vast Mediterranean Sea, water evaporates and rises up into the blue sky. These water vapors form clouds which travel east where they eventually fall as snow onto the 10,000 foot peaks of Mount Hermon. The snow melts and flows down the mountains to become a river, the Jordan River, which, in turn, flows farther into two other bodies of water. The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

The first sea to be fed by the Jordan is the Sea of Galilee. It receives water from the North Jordan and then empties into the South Jordan as the river continues its journey. The Sea of Galilee is filled with abundant life. Its water is pure and filled with large schools of fish.

The second body of water along the Jordan is the Dead Sea. It also receives water from the Jordan. But, unlike the Sea of Galilee, it does not give back. It has no outlet. The Dead Sea just takes. As a consequence, nothing can live in its toxic, bitter waters.

Two seas fed by the same river. One gives and lives. The other only takes and dies.

What is true for these ancient bodies of water is just as true in our lives. When we give to others, we are ourselves fresh and filled with abundant life. And when we take and give nothing back to others, we become bitter and toxic.

It is through passionate giving that we all find joy and life.